WildWildWebComics.com was originally registered to aggregate several WordPress sites I was running under a single multisite installation. That being complete, I wanted to think of something to do with the master domain.

One thing that’s always bugged me is reviewers. First off, so many are negative or at least nitpickers, and I see so few that have any actual experience in the field they’re critiquing. For example; Gene Siskel, was a respected film critic and, if IMDB is to believed, a philosophy major, never made a major motion picture, but he offered us his opinion on them regularly.

As of May 5, 2011, I’ve been doing a web comic for six years; Too Much Information. It’s CGI and my degree is an Associates in Construction Technology, and I have no art training, but, I know what I like. And that’s what I’m going to give you here; what I like.

I’m going to share with you reviews of the web comics I like. No negative reviews unless someone gets pushy about me reviewing something that doesn’t appeal to me. I hope you’ll stick around.

As for the other sites/comics hosted here:

Too Much Information – Started May 5, 2005, updates almost every day. – “Life is what happens when Mom kicks you out of the house.” – When Ace is kicked out by his mother he finds himself sharing a house with some unusual roommates. Produced using Poser and an old copy of Photoshop it is 100% CGI. Adult situations, artistic nudity, and gay characters treated like real people.

Planet Karen – Autobio comic by Karen Ellis, a cute goth girl making her life in the UK. Currently inactive, but she’ll be back.